Turn Hurdles into Opportunities by Understanding the RPA Challenges Facing SMBs


Enterprises are experts at gaining media attention when it comes to any new, exciting system or process, but the largest impact of business-positive technologies is often felt by small and mid-sized firms. The latest buzz to live in the big business space is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), but it’s time we push it squarely into the SMB realm.

Small businesses face consistent time and workforce crunches, struggling to keep up with the balance of growth and new hires alongside maintaining customer relationships and completing all the daily tasks required to run a business. Working those 10+ hours a day, unfortunately, brings in a lot of tired mornings and bleary-eyed nights, where human error can slip in quietly.

RPA helps to address those manual-error concerns by using boys to perform repetitive tasks on the UIs that people work with regularly. This can be your billing or IT systems with very clear tools that work on strict rules and structured data, though it can also be combined with cognitive automation and AI in more complex scenarios.

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